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Originally Posted by vanncann View Post
This is my web site and it seems to look good but not getting much return what should I try different??? please let me know what you guys thank...
Everyone has brought a solid point or two, but here are mine as well.

1. Header information is very important
Make sure that meta tag/description/title is consistent on every page of your site that get's indexed/cached on the net by spiders.

2. NEVER use uppercase when naming files. It's always good practice to use under case and very short file names as best as possible.

That really should be called:

Actually after typing this, I found this error. /Home_Page.php
Why are you using a .php file for the main index/home page file? Unless you're referring this page back to a database, you shouldn't be using a .php file...instead make it a .html to keep the information flowing faster.

3. Images - As mentioned, they load slow. Try resizing them instead of telling the code to resize them for the viewer. This will require less work from the browser/server and the page load time will be much quicker.
Page load time is the key to the internet viewer.

4. URL's - Shorten the file names as mentioned in #2. /About_Us - should be - about.html Contact_Us - should be - contact.html etc. etc.

5. Other images

All of these images are key images, that can be hotlinked from the average forum viewer to reference. With those lengthy image file names, it may take longer for google to index the image that someone is searching for instead of it being named: bbb.jpg or visa.gif etc. etc.

6. Most important next to #1. Create a account, and install the code on every page of your site. This will give you the best tool anyone can give you, and further help you self manage what you need to do to further improve your sites' performance.

Hope this helps?

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