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Originally Posted by Roachy View Post
Im pretty sure its right around 10,000 sq ft. I figured it would probably cost me around $50 in fuel and supply costs and be no more than a 2hr job. I figured I would price around $40 for dethatching and raking, and another $40 for applying fert and seed, and about $50 for my expenses. I was only going to apply with a rotarty seeder and not a slit seeder. Does this sound about right or lowball category?
sounds to cheap bud. Even though the lawn might look thin i can tell you that you will get a lot more thatch then you think. Pictures might help as well. Are you renting the machine or do you own it? How are you picking the thatch up? hopefully bagging it with your mower. Do you have to take the dead grass away? Plus i always use more seed then what is recommended. When we do dethatching here my min is $125.00 for your typical 5k yard and does not include seed. Don't sell yourself short man, i mean after all you wanna make money right? After all you do have to pay your brother too.
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