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Need some advice of a tree farm

hello, i am currently in the lawn care and landscaping industry and my father in law has ten acres that he currently has leased out to farmers and he said we could start a nusery on the property if i wanted to.

What i am mainly interested in is growing a bunch of differnet varieties of pine and shade trees, even some ornamental trees but mainly want to sell 6' and up. 2-3" caliper trees and up. And i do realize this is going to be a llloooong wait to get some return money wise considering the trees will take at least 5 maybe 7 years before they can even be dug and sold. There is a creek that constanly runs water in the back of property so thats not a problem.

I guess my question is where do i buy my pines and shade trees? Is there a good place online they you guys order from? I am new to the nusery thing and have a lot to learn, but am willing to.
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