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Originally Posted by blake101 View Post
Yes, yes, yes. I have one and would not mow grass without it.
Same here. That sulky saves my ass sooo many headaches. Our walkbehinds are made for these things, that's why we have 5 forward gears. Mine hauls ass in 5th, althought I'm usually always in 2.

@ you can get the 1 wheel velke for $100 OR
the two wheel sulky for $125.

I love my two wheel. With this one you don't have to balance like you do with the one wheel. Also you don't get that silly line in the middle of stripes from the 1 wheel. So, I'd suggest a two wheel but either one does the job.

LIke I said, our machines are made for sulkys but it's important to remember to hop off anytime you have a very steep hill or If I'm going up a pretty steep incline, it's important to step off and walk or take a foot off and push as you go to help take stress off of everything else, but flat surfaces, you can ride alllll day.

Once you have a sulky, you will wonder how you ever made it without one.
Just my .02


edit: Also I see someone mentioned a proslide. They're alright. Basically it's a stiff square that folds down and you stand on and you literally stand on it as it slides you around behind the walkbehind. Good for striping yards but downside is you can't ride on it when going over concrete surfaces. I've been heavily thinking about one though because they're really convienent. As soon as you step off it folds up perfectly out of the way, where as the standard sulkys you have to fold up manually and lock into place.

Anyone know where to buy pro-slide at reasonable prices?

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