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I really can't say about the Poulan one way or the other. Buy, I'll suggest this instead:

It's a Tanaka trimmer. Tanaka is owned by Hitachi and if you'd prefer, you can buy a Hitachi that's identical. I bought this trimmer last year because it 1) gets some of the best Reviews you've ever seen on Amazon, 2) Is very highly rated by some professionals on Lawnsite, 3) Has a 7 (yes, seven) year homwowner's warrenty and 4) Ended up costing only $150 for a light professional grade trimmer after the $40 rebate they had last year. They still have a rebate, but I think it's only $20 now.

A couple of caveats 1) In a lot of places Tanaka dealers are few and far between, so getting the 7 year warrenty honored might be a problem, but based on what the pros on this site and the amazon reviews said, I'm hoping I don't need the warrenty and 2) It took something like 3 months to get the rebate, not the 4-8 weeks like they said, which was frustrating, but I did eventually get it.

Now the good part. This trimmer is a joy to operate!!!! It starts very easily, is very light at about 9 pounds and feels even lighter because it is very well balenced. It has plenty of power, revs freely and cuts great!. Admittedly, I only got it in September of last year, so I've only used it a little, but based on my early impressions and everything I've read, this trimmer should be perfect for my needs.

Good luck on whatever you decide.
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