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Welcome to lawnsite. I'd say start out doing a search for lawn mowers and trimmers and blowers. Also think about what types of lawns are you looking at to maintain so that you get the right equipment for the job. Do you have any lawn mowing accounts already?? If not make sure you have the accounts before going out and buying a lawn mower. If your looking to get serious in the business look into commercial grade equipment. If you need to buy equipment up front and you have the money now that would be the best. But once you start mowing, some of that money is going to have to go towards paying for the equipment that you are using to cut the lawn instead of all going to your car.
Do some searching, most will tell you to get commercial equipment if you want to do the job right, and i will agree, I'm 19 started with homeowner stuff and it doesnt last and doesnt hold up to constant mowing. Nothing in this business is free, seems like your always paying something off, in your case your car, but to get to pay your car your going to have to pay for the equipment to make yourself that money first.
Good Luck
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