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Originally Posted by kena48 View Post
Well, I was bored and this took way too long, but it came out nice. These are 55W driving lights, that cost less than 20 bucks.

When I do get caught finishing up at night, there were two problems:

- seeing just forward of the line you are attempting to cut

- seeing the deck as you go around a tree truck etc.

Normal lawnmower headlights are fine for finding your way around, but these high mounted lights will actually help finish up the mowing.

They mounted where the roll bar folds and the wires go through the roll bar. That took the most time - using a long piece of bailing wire to pull the wires & plastic sleeves through. The new lights were spliced into the existing factory light kit - "prior" to the factory plug that the factory light kit plugs into. So all 4 lights then plug into the receptacle under the seat. That plug is on a 20 Amp accessory fuse.

So the factory light kit helps you see where you're going but these high lamps flood the area around the deck. It REALLY light up the night! ...and looks pretty cool too.
Man, I wouldn't put lights on my ZTR's for nothing. I work long enough hours as it is. If I had lights, I am the kind of guy that would just stay up and cut all night! Hope you have fun with them though.
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