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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Thanks for the reply Tom, I never said nor implied grid holds a wall (even though it does). A SRW is a *system*. there is more to a SRW than stacking block and rolling out grid. In terms of a sRW If the correct soil type is used and properly compacted - then soil stabilazion should not be needed, as that's why using structural fill and compacting and testing is necessary. Can grid have more than one use? Well, a dime can be used for things other than paying someone, so the answer is yes. But at the end of the day when you turn your alarm
Clock on to wake you in the Morning, what is the main purpose of grid?

Staying on subject, the pic you displayed does not appear to need stabilization of soil. There is no slope. The property is old, so the bulk of settlement is over. Settlement occurs from the bottom up. So what are you stabilizing in the picture?

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I'm still waiting for answers to my questions. But I will suggest that you go out and get NCMA certified, the class will teach you about the importance of geo-grid in walls and that "just using correct soil type and compaction" is not enough for taller walls. While your at it get ICPI certified also.

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