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Originally Posted by noriega View Post
hey hows it going i have afew pointers for you. Advertising is a science, you have to really pay real close attention to detail. first mistake people make on flyers is they put there company name right on top as big as they can get it. cutomers dont care ewho you are they want to know what you can do for them. So you have to get them hooked, like fishing set some bait on the hook and reel them in. try putting a catchy phrase on top followed by your company slogan.

you have only a few second to catch their attention if you cant make yourself stand out from the rest youll be in the garbage with them. after your opening lines then list some of your services and specials you have, put your company name last with your contact info make your number stand out like florecent colors or something. thats a bit of what i have figured out the hard way.
Totally agree, you only have 3 seconds to make a good impression, whether it is door to door sales or fliers, if they don't see something catchy or something they like, you can be sure 95% + of them will be in the garbage bin.

Logo of the company should never be on top of the page, but at the very bottom with the contact info.
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