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Two more things:
1) My dad seems to think it might be bad gas. I don't think thats right, I filled it up at a Shell station last week and mowed one yard after I filled it up and didn't have issues till today. If bad gas/ water in gas is a possibility would some kind of fuel treatment be worth trying.

2) I was looking on Kohlers web site and found this under troubleshooting section:

Runs Rough on Low & Will Not Accelerate

* Spark plug gap incorrect -----don't think its this
* Engine not properly warmed up -----definitely no
* Running out of fuel ----- fuel filter looks fine
* Low idle set too low (below 1000 RPM) ----- possibly, I'll check tomorrow morning
* Low idle fuel setting too lean -----???
* Electric clutch dragging ---- ???
* Parasitic load on power take-off (PTO) shafts ----- ????
* Crankshaft end play zeroed by drive -----???

Stops on High Idle

* Running out of fuel
* Running out of oil in crankcase
* Carburetor solenoid malfunctioning ----<---- I saw people mentioning this in other threads I have no Idea what this is
* Key switch malfunctioning ----<---- My key switch is going bad...
* Safety interlocks malfunctioning
* Spark plug lead loose
* Fuse blown in control box
* Carburetor out of adjustment
* LPG regulator malfunctioning
* Loss of vacuum to LPG regulator
* Tight drive belt causing crankshaft bearing to seize"
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