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We dictate what areas we will serve and what services we want to do.

Honestly, I've marketed myself as a full-service entity. LCO work is about 20% of my business. And, there isn't much I turn down. If my pricing falls within the guidelines for the lending institution, I do it. If I think the price they're offering isn't enough for me to take the work, I submit a higher proposal. They can either take it or leave it. Most times, they accept.

I don't have to show photo evidence of lawn maintenance. Most work does require photos to be submitted, though. Big deal.

The companies some of you are mentioning are not who I work for. They are my competitors.

I have had guys offer 25 and 20 for recuts and 20 and 15 also.
LOL....I hear ya. I had a guy contact me, offering me 20 and 15. I sent him back a reply and said...."I'll tell ya about I pay YOU $30 to mow mine!.....and photos!".

I don't expect to hear back from him.
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