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Little Mulch

Nice little mulch job earlier this week. Took a day total. Just involved cleaning up the beds of old light mulch material, re-cutting the edges, and placing new mulch.

Half of it went fast, the other half sorta slow because I had to surgically placement of the mulch in some areas as the HO had ground-cover that I didn't want to cover up and a few places where they have perennials that they are trying to self seed and spread.

I also ordered my first semi-load of mulch from a supplier in the state to try it out. Don't know if I like it or not. Seems to have a bit bigger chunks in it than I like. It also hasn't been aged much at all, but that seems to be the norm right now as every supplier in the state is complaining that they are shipping out so much mulch that they haven't had a chance to let it sit at all. Regardless, I'll have plenty left over in my pile to turn it and let it decompose some more and hopefully darken up some. When this load is gone, I might try a different supplier until I find a good one I'm happy with.

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