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Renovation Help

My business has mainly focused on mowing and some minor landscaping and maintenance so far but I am looking to expand into more things like fertilizing, pesticides, and renovations. I am in the process of getting a pesticide applicator's license. I am wanting to renovate my yard just as kind of a "practice" and confidence booster. I have done aeration, and also sprayed glyphosate for years on our family's farm, (not for paid service). What I am wanting to do is get rid of all of the junky grasses and Bermuda in my lawn and have a solid turf type tall fescue or something similar, then eventually some perennial rye for the cool season. I am just looking for some pointers on how to go about this because I want to learn, also I have been reading a lot online, and a few books, also taking Ag science classes at the local University, but would like some real world opinions from the pros of this type of work. I've attached pictures of my lawn now in case you need to see. Also I live in middle TN if that info is needed. Thanks
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