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Originally Posted by nobagger View Post
Another thing I think customer's might have to realize is they can't get weekly maintenance with bagging, edging for 25, 30 or 35 any more.
Ahhhh, But they can. Thats the other side of the problem. The economy has gotten so bad for some they mow just to barely get by. They give prices that we know (as full time LCO's) cant be sustainable for a long time. But once the consumer has a taste of the cheap lawn care, they come to expect it.

11 years into it for me, and I am not able to get much more, if any, than I was back then from a majority of consumers. Now, this is different for the high end clients, but not much.

Think of it this way....Once a dog tastes blood.......

On the main subject matter, I have switched to an NPR for the daily maintenance vehicle. Doesn't do much better, but 12 is better than 6mpg
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