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World's First Propane Walker Mower?

Greetings everyone.

For years we have been huge Walker fans. We own a diesel and and Kubota gasser. The diesel runs on waste motor oil (that's a whole other post) and now the gasser runs on propane. We have been working with a company called AltFuel for the conversion kit. We made some mods after it was sent last week and we'll put it back in service with propane this week. We use this mower with a aerator, side discharge, and mulching decks so the hopper does not get used...hence a great place to mount a propane tank. The 2000+ hour machine, sounds better and runs cooler on the LP Gas. We are so stoked! After some more testing and field work I believe this kit will be available from AltFuel.

I know propane is not the solution, but at a 70% cleaner's a step in the right direction!
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