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Originally Posted by AGLA View Post
If you went out there with a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and a rake you'd be done by now.

I don't get it. These are relatively small plants with the exception of the arbs which are one of the easiest plants to dig out. You don't need equipment or a truck and a chain. You need to get to work. Use the most efficient gear that you already have, because there is not a lot of time involved in doing this no matter what equipment or method you use.

I swear that if it does not have a power cord or <s>pull cord</s> electric start no one knows what to do anymore.
Originally Posted by Tyler7692 View Post
I agree. You could probably just literally rip half the plants out by hand. You may have to use a shovel on some.

A lot of times you can find the edge of the fabric and just pull it up and it will pull all the stone in a pile for you if its not too rotted.

Easy job, that whole place could be cleaned out with 2 guys in 3-4 hours easy.

Thanks guys, I kind of figured to just dig them out by hand. Was just seeing if there was an easier, faster way. This client wants a few additional things done so any way I can save time would be great.
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