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Originally Posted by tradeyouraccounts View Post
How do you know you would lose 25%, curious to know what makes you think that amount? Prices always go up over time to cover inflation and sometimes the rise in service charge and the possibility of losing some customers at the end of the day can be a wash.
Back when gas was $4.50/gal,I priced a lawn for the following season accordingly.I would have liked to get $100 for it but being that it was 1 street away from another large lawn I priced it at $90 in better hopes of getting it.They thought that was high but I explained to them that gas was killing everyone so they did give me the job.Following spring gas dropped about $1.75/gal and she called me and asked if I was going to lower the price since gas went down.I just said I could not do it for any less but was able to keep her.
I have not received a cola from my regular job because of the increase in fuel so why should an LCO get an increase.Possibly after a year yes,but not a surcharge or an increase unles you feel you can get away with it.Too many other guys chomping at the bit to get work and will harge a bit less to get it.
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