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Originally Posted by oOTurfmanoO View Post
I'd like to find a way to do it faster and better (like most Americans). My goal is to break it down so all material would fall into the canopy vs. having to rake the lawn after a topdressing app. There are still lots of larger pieces in there that are breaking down much slower i.e. older mulch.
Find a local Ag dealer who can sell you liquid dark molasses in bulk. For composting purposes dilute the molasses approx 1:1 with water. Spray compost just before turning & then once again afterward.
Dark molasses derived from alcohol refining has a fertilizer analysis of approx 1-0-5, but it's not the N here that helps to kick in thermophilic decomposition into a higher gear, it's molasses' invert sugar.
Steer far clear of liquid molasses that has had vitamin supplements added for the benefit of livestock!

Of course, in further diluted rates, molasses is also often used as a component in compost teas.
We found it to be quite instrumental last fall as a 'shot of K' during drought-recovery non-renovation efforts.
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