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Originally Posted by oklahoma77 View Post
Thinking of trading in my 2006 Scag wildcat with 760hrs for a new Exmark. Any suggestions
Why? What are your cutting conditions? I favor the Scag for harsh conditions (wet, thick, weedy grass) and the Exmark for dryer, moderate growth conditions. I have run both side by side for a season. The Scag with the Velocity deck and an Exmark Lazer with the Utra Cut were both good machines. I often cut overgrown or damp grass and the Velocity was a clear winner. But in the Summer when the grass is growing at a moderate rate the Exmark gives you that table top smooth cut that is hard to beat. The Ultra Cut cuts smoother and the clippings are recycled into small clippings that fall into the grass. It also clumps and needs scraping "much" more often. The Velocity will handle larger volumes of grass with out clumping or needing to be scraped but the clippings are a bit longer. Both are excellent machines and the cutting conditions in Florida are different with the grass being more rigid. The Exmark stayed on the truck most of the time.
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