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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
I actually find all of this bitching and moaning about gas prices rather amusing. I've been warning everyone since the prices came down 3 years ago that they would go back up. Whenever there was a discussion about trailers and sometimes trucks I would err on the side of trying to keep things small and fuel efficient. For trucks I would tell them to get 1/2 ton trucks unless they had a real need for a 3/4 ton or larger. For trailers I'd tell them to only get what they had to have. And enclosed trailers are a no-no. Everybody ignored me.

It wasn't 2 months ago that some brainiac came in here and announced that he was going to use the US DOE price forecast to set his annual budget for the year. I told him he was crazy. He derided me calling me a doomsday prophet. Ha! So much for his $3.15 a gallon projection.
Yeah I don't know about amusing but you're right, we (yes we) knew prices
would go back up but be glad they only ignore you, they cuss me.

It still hurts when it hit $4+ thou, but you are absolutely right, we knew 3 years ago it would be back to 4 by 2011.
Well, here we are, it's 2011 and guess where gasoline prices are.

So, who did their homework, who is prepared for it?

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