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Originally Posted by southgalawns View Post
lol .40 is what 10-15% more than gas, so let's say I get 10 atm ( more like 9 actually) and I get 15 with a diesel ( probally more like 17-18) that is a 60% increase is mpg at a 15% increase of cost. I am not going to be paying much more when it comes to payments. If I can't get one around the same payments, I just won't get it. Plus factor in the abuse that 33" tires have done on my IFS. 1000 dollars every few years for new suspension parts.
You prolly wont see 17-18mpg that often, definately never for work. Before I got my diesel, everyone talked about 20+ mpg, etc. etc. but the mileage hasnt been as good as I expected. I see about an average of 13mpg pulling around 6,000lbs, whereas the gasser that I have used for the same route got about 9-10. I found a good deal on my truck with low miles and should be able to keep it alot longer than I would a gasser putting about 20k a year on it.
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