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Yeah I don't think it's worse but I also don't think it's gotten any better,
I'm with you in that I think it's just as tight as ever, proof is still everywhere...

Just yesterday I went to use a restroom at a family-operated convenience store that's been
in this neck I know of for the past 30+ years, I mean as long as I can remember!
They were closed.
Shut down, for good, I could see through the windows, empty shelves.

Another one up the road, a 7-11 that's been in operation longer than I've lived here,
shut down 4-6 months ago, front windows and glass doors all boarded up.

And like I've been saying, about every week almost like clockwork someone begs (or asks) me for money out on the street.
About the only good news is at least they're still asking (like instead of just taking it from me at gunpoint).

But it's rough if you ask me.
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