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I am taking a big hit here. can't get anywhere near what i was charging for mulch jobs last year. also lost 20 residential contracts this year. 12 said they just could not afford to pay me this year and 8 i just cannot get a hold of. i mailed them, called them and i get no replies. been mowing lawns for 18 years and this is the worst i ever seen.

People passing out flyers saying grass cutting 12.99 and mulching at 25.00 yrd.
I don't know how they can do it for those prices. I don't think that these people offering these low prices will be around long, but it sure does throw a wrench in the work we should be getting in the spring.

I have already passed out 7,000 flyers and looks like i will be passing out more this week. I need to try and make up for the work i lost this year so far.
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