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Thanks for the info. I am a little confused because there is a "Quote Request" tap at the top of every page including the home page and an "Ask for a Quote" on all other pages.
Ah, I didn't even see it! It's good you do have that, but it makes the visitor have to search for it. You just have to think with removing any and all obstacles that could cause the visitor to leave your site, even if the information is visible to you, it might not be to others... I'm the perfect example, lol.

Also, there's a specific eye trail when someone looks over a website. It starts on the upper left hand side, then trails to the mid right. Which is where your video presentation is located. Is your video a big selling point? If yes, the layout works great because you have visitors being pointed to your video. Maybe just add a form under the video, that way once they've watched it and are all excited to get an estimate, they can easily fill out their info.

Sorry, not trying to nit-pick your site, it's beautiful. I just wanted to give you some ideas so that you're website is best utilized as a marketing tool to get you new leads and customers

Sylvia Heneghan
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