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maintain it or forget it??

For those w/ an enclosed trailer I am wondering what you do, if anything to maintain it? Its been 2 years since the interior was last painted. So I pulled everything out. At the same time going thru and deciding what was reallyneeded and how I could change how things are set up in order to run more effiecent....first year full-time on my own, finally out from underneath someone......

Anyway, I put 2 coats of a light gray on the walls and 2 of dark gray on the floor. and by the time I was all done the fumes had gotten to me. Which made me wonder why the beep I even get involved w/ upkeep. It seems that the guys that just throw thier stuff around, store everything out in the rain, and never do an ounce of maintenance never break down. But those of us that take care of our equipment have issues.
Thanks for listening, just irratated that those rust buckets wont have a problem.
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