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There is some good advice here (although I would stay away from the ryegrass and KBG -- the only cool-season grass that grows tolerably in middle TN is tall fescue and it will stay green in the winter). Be sure to test your soil before beginning this process. Remember that there are two times to seed cool-season grasses in TN -- September and next Spetember. So, you will want to spray your lawn with glyphosate and fusilade (this will kill everything that is growing there now) beginning in August, about a week after fertilizing it with 0.5# N/M. The fertilizer will ensure that the current cover is actively growing and will take up and metabolize the herbicide as efficiently as possible. If using glyphosate only, spray once a week for three weeks. If using glyphosate + fusilade, spray once a week for two weeks.

One week after your final application (or anytime in September), plant tall fescue (Turbo, Falcon IV, Monet, DaVinci, Axiom, or Tulsa cultivars) at 6 to 8#/M using a slit seeder. Some guys like to spread the seed with a rotary spreader, but remember that seed-to-soil contact is necessary for optimal germination, so some way to incorporate the seed into the ground is best.

After seeding, fertilize using 0.75 to 1# N/M (quickly available source), along with whatever else is needed according to your soil test, and water the area lightly and often enough to keep the seedbed moist, but not wet.

That would be the quick and dirty method, but you could get more in-depth if you wish. I like to think of establishment as my opportunity to get as many things right as possible. If you have high spots, low spots, poorly draining areas, or rocky areas (as can be common in middle TN), establishment is the easiest time to fix those problems.

Good luck and enjoy your project!
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