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Originally Posted by KINGMADE View Post
I just pulled up to a new customer when his neighbor asked if we could do his yard. I was like sure. It is going to be 35 bucks. He says ok. Very small front yard and I look in the back and the grass is getting close to a foot high in some spots. Not too big of a deal with the walk behind but still sucks. I figure I will just eat it on this one and make it back with return business. We spend a good amount of time knocking out the back yard. Finish up. The guy hands me a check. Everything is fine. I go to the atm to deposit my checks for the day and take a look at the reciept that shows me a copy of the check. The SOB post dated it 6 days and didnt say a word about it. I dont know what I am going to say. I was PISSED. Who just hands over a post dated check without mentioning it. Man what a pile.
It is illegal to post date checks, the bank has to cash it or bounce it.
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