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Originally Posted by bigslick7878 View Post
You folks who think you can get/charge $90 a yard for a 20 yard job should be committed. Maybe they can find out what drugs you are on.

I live in a pretty high rent district and if I tried to charge that they would laugh me right out of the neighborhood. I usually come in around 60 or 65 at the most per yard depending on access.

At 50 a yard you can make money it just won't be much. Depends how bad you need it and what future business it will bring. I am more than happy to charge a customer a cut rate if I know I will be getting additional work from them down the road.

If it is a one time deal no way am I doing it for that number.
i don't "think" i know, we do roughly 200 yards of mulch a year and i have been pricing it the same for 5+ years. all of whome are repeat customers. And have never once had someone tell us we were out of line with our pricing.

We charge $65per yard installed for just the labor, Plus whatever mulch they want, our mulch varies in price from 20-50 bucks depending on what kind they want.

So if we are bidding a 20 yard mulch job we make a minimum of $1300 for just labor.
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