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New to the site, enjoying the information!
Homeowner with flat yard (just under 1 acre) and many landscape curves. Killed a set of front tires in under 400 hours on my John Deere LX279 from all the turning.
Looking at a near commercial ZRT; leaning toward Scag Freedom Z with Kawasaki 20HP or possibly Toro Titan ZX4820 with 22 HP Kawasaki engine. Limited brand options since a nearby servicing dealer is important. I have also considered Exmark LazerZ E series with 20HP Kawasaki; this seemed fairly comparable to my other options but much pricier and probably overkill for my needs. I will add the mulching system to which ever model I end up with. Quality of cut is important; thick lawn which I cut anywhere from 2" to 3.5" depending on season.
Any thoughts or experience with these mowers?
Another Toro in the mix vs the Freedom Z is Titan MX4880; it is a similar price point to the Scag Freedom Z.
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