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'Makeshift' Sprinkler System

Everybody on here has been awesome as far as responding to my past posts and has really given me great advice. So...I have a new interesting question:

I spent about a week getting estimates for an irrigation system. I have a rather small front yard (800-1000 Sq. ft.) and a medium backyard (2500-3000) square feet. I received a plethora of bids ranging from $1800 for just the front to $5000 for the whole property. I like the idea of getting water CONSISTENTLY on my grass without having to move sprinklers 5 times a morning. However, I am having a hard time justifying spending this money when I would be only watering deep once per week. So....Has anyone had experience or can think of a way I can make my own system? Timer? Hose splitter? Type of heads? I am sure this can be done and I'm a smart guy, but I thought I would ask the experts out there first. Thanks!!
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