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Flat surfaces and low cut grass make it work better. That and as long as it's not dragging too much hose behind it. I know CAT had a company make one for them for promotion purposes and I wish I had picked one up a couple of years back as the thing was super heavy compared to the regular models you see.

Only other thought is to just get a good quality oscillating sprinkler such as this one.

I can cover a pretty large area in one spot as long as the water pressure is sufficient. The only problem is that it takes a while to get down a good amount of water, so if you set it, have a timer on your spigot, then you can walk away from it and let it go. I like it also as it has a rectangular pattern so that you are getting every corner of the yard effectively.

But honestly, I don't water if I have to. The water in Danvers where I live is expensive, but that's a different story. Mostly I water my garden and that's about it.
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