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I have pics of my plugr hydro on ATV ramps strapped down with tie down to make it down out side iron stairs. Would never have hired help do that. Another steep driveway 45 degrees at the bottom, house on slope just easier with hydro plugr. Then again would never take a non hydro plugr down there either. Fact will never own a non hydro plugr.

Going down steep hills? a pull back on the bars will cause to front wheels to loose traction better to back down and push up for weight transfer.

Another property up a hill again 35 to 45 degree then slope stops to rock garden. Customer groused that I charged him $68. Next time it will be more like $85

David's 21 WB pulled considerably deeper plugs than my Plugr to day.

Not a single perfect one size fits all unit out there.

Plugr Hydro are spendy if bought new.

Either of the unit in questions are considerbly less $ and will not burn through tines like a Plugr.

Sorry for the dissertation....
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