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Talking Almost Stolen equipment... You dropped something.

Below you will see an event from late last season, before I was a member of this site. We had pulled up to my house after a days worth of work and I walked inside to get on the computer for a minute. I look out my window (computer over looks my drive way) and see some punk reaching into my trailer. I come haulling ass down a flight of stairs and out the front door. He was half way across my yard with my string trimmer and edger. He drops them both when the door opens, runs around the corner and dives into the back of a (I am guessing) early 90's F150. I am too busy pounding my chest to get plates (kicked myself over that one) but here are the pics. Oh and he left something behind the police took it though I want it back to fly it from a flag pole. please dont chastise me for walking inside before unloading equipment. I get it.
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