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In a word - no. Commercial mowers are designed to be used for many more hours per week than those of us mowing our 1 acre lawns will put on in a month or more. Do you really need a heavy duty transmission, an engine capable of running for 2000 hours, and a welded deck as thick as armor to mow for maybe 50 hours a season? Residential grade mowers (and I am referring to the better examples) will give years of good performance if properly maintained. I have a two-stroke Lawnboy push mower that has been mowing grass for better than two decades. It does as well as my Ferris albeit it takes me much longer to complete my mowing task. Its a lowly residential mower but still starts on the second pull. Commercial mowers also have some downsides associated with their design, namely, bulk and weight. A good residential grade ZTR might weigh 600-700 lbs while a commercial unit could be in excess of 1000 lbs. That weight difference could lead to rutting problems in the lawn if you need to mow in wet conditions along with other issues.

You also hear the 'excuse' used when buying a commercial mower that the individual wants something that will last 20 years. I doubt most people buying these machines for home use will have them a fraction of that length before they want something different. Owning a commercial mower for most of us is a desire not a necessity.
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