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Turfco XT-5

I try to avoid tedious hand work such as this but I just have to put my 2 cents in. I was invited to demo the XT-5 at the Turfco facility in Blaine, MN. I found it not only easy to use, but actually kind of fun. When I got there they had a little obstacle course set this point I almost got back in my truck. But I waited and took my turn round the course. The ease of use coupled with the variety of features made it an overall enjoyable experience.
Although the product does not have a place in my garage (as I use another Turfco model on one of my out-front mowers), I believe that for any small contractor with a majority of single family residential clients, there is real money to be made. With the XT-5, which takes very little effort to operate, you can mine more income from you existing client base. Just my thoughts....

Happy Hunting!
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