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Thanks for the replies.

My dad still has his 2 stroke lawnboy with the staggered front wheels! That thing is 40 years old. He doesn't use it much, but it still runs fine.

Thanks for the comments about the weight. I have a section of the yard that takes longer to dry out than the rest, and my dad's scag TT has made marks in the past. I hadn't thought about that until you just mentioned the weight issue.

I understand what you mean about not keeping something very long. There's a part of me that sees that as a risk in buying residential, unless I feel that I got a good enough machine for my needs. For instance, if I just went with a lawn tractor, even a great one, I could see myself wishing for a ZTR after a while. But if I got a nice residential ZTR, that I felt was plenty for my needs, I could see myself running it until it died.

The question, then, is what features ARE a necessity? I think I'm looking at a 48-54 deck, and I want enough power to cut through thick grass.

And about the gas question, about how many acres do you average on a tank of gas (and how many gallons is that)?
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