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Originally Posted by Travis E View Post
Does anyone have jet skis for summer toys? Last year was the first year going out on the lake for me but I really enjoyed it so I've been keeping my eye out for a jet ski all winter. Whats everyone running? I'm looking for a newer Sea Doo Rxp which seem to be pretty much top of the line.
Bought a kawasaki ultra 130 brand new in '02. I sold it last year with 23 hours on it. I lived on a lake until '05 and have several close family members(including my sister and grandparents on both sides) that live on a lake less than 10 minutes from where I live now. They are fun but I just never had time to ride it. Plus once you own it, there is no real incentive to go out on it. Get home from work all tired and just don't feel like going out or I would take a spin for 10 minutes and put it away. Of the 23 hours on it, my friends and family probably racked up half. So $7400+$2000(yearly maintenance and aftermarket impellar)-$3500(what I sold it for). It ended up costing me about $513.04 an hour to ride it plus fuel and oil.
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