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Its never too late to start any type of business. However, I strongly urge you to really think about what your getting into. It costs lots of money to get a lawn care company started, between marketing, equipment, insurance etc. Their is not a whole lot of money to go around any more in this industry, their is just way too many people doing it. And yes it is possible to have an industry become over whelmed with people out doing the same thing. My suggestion would be to find something that isn't as saturated as the lawn care industry, and focus hard and invest into it and you may become the next bill gates. Just take a look while your out driving down the highway and just count how many LCO's you see in a 1 hour period, you may think twice then. Yes I may be up in NY but its happening every where. If you do decide to go with it, well then just get out their start knocking on doors, again its never too late, Also dont forget your LICENSE AND INSURANCE, if you do you may be broke your first lawn.
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