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Originally Posted by mrich1353 View Post
Checked out the Hustler FasTrak Super Duty 48"; dealer network is weak in my area compared to others, but a nice machine and a contender as I try to decide.

Will add mulch kit for full time mulching (thick bluegrass blend). Under one flat acre with lot's of landscape beds / inside and outside curves. Cut quality very important.

My current options at similar pricing:
Scag Freedom Z (48") with 20HP Kawasaki
Hustler FasTrak SD (48") with 23HP Kawasaki (will also add Flex Forks)
Toro Titan MX4880 with 22HP Kawasaki

The budget option:
Toro ZX4820 with 22HP Kawasaki

The Hustler is looking strong because of the added HP since I'll be mulching, but Freedom Z seems comparable beyond HP, maybe a better mulching system.
More bang for the buck with the SD 48!
You could also just look at the Superduty 48" Your still almost getting the same mower minus the FX series engine or Honda option. The Fastrak is really more than you will ever need! If I could fit a 48" mower around my obstacles, I would already own a Fastrak 48". I was pricing them last summer for $4900. Unfortunately my only options were the Fastrak SD or the Sport.
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