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I got into the jetski game a couple of years ago. These toys have grown (size wise) to huge proportions. I laid down some guidelines for buying my skis:

1. Nothing new...WAY to pricey for me. This would be something to play on
in addition to my boat & not be a money pit.

2. I'd be working on it myself, repair shops really break it off in your a**
to work on them.

3. It still had to look decent, style wise...not a old POS!

4. 2-stroke...=work on it yourself. vs. 4-stroke...=repairshop to work on it,
refer to #2 reason. Besides the time i knew NOTHING about big
2-stroke engines...but was determined to learn.

5. I can resell it for what i paid for it.

6. Since i have to daughters, a 3-seater is what i wanted.

Started looking on CraigsList for 2-3 months starting in the fall (off-season) up to 150 miles away. Of all things i found a pair of kawasaki 3-seaters right in my home town. for cheap!...(one of them had a locked up engine). I figured i'd sell the broke one & trade down to a single place trailer. BUT One week after buying them, a engine just so happened to pop up on CL for sale. Needless to say i jumped on it like a duck on a june bug! So to my kids delight i decided to keep both. Ended up with 2 kawasaki 3-seaters that still look in style (modern) a 1998 STX 1100 & a 2000 900STX for right at $3k Great to take out while camping at the lake. They are a blast...for a while...then get kinda boring. This way you take em out for a while then pull up for a few hrs then go back out & get your 20-30min fix again.

You don't go for long WOT joy rides with these...they suck TOOO much gas. Works best to go play crazy for a while & get off them. Thats why i really don't care to just spend a whole day at the lake on just them with out camping. These fit the bill just right for me. Cheap to buy, still look good, easy to work on & can sell em for as much if not more than it got in them.

These looked sad when i first got em due to peeling graphics & oxidiation on the hulls (they looked real dull & faded) plus the POS plastic fenders on the trailer were broke & half missing. So i replaced them with steel fenders, buffed out the hulls, put new somewhat custom graphics on them & since these pics, i repaintecd the trailer black. Yup i'm happy with them.

Final note: You ask why the purple on the yellow jetski...No idea, bought it that way. Looked real instead of repainting it...i made up some vinyl graphics to bust up the purple. (i work in graphics shop)
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