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Originally Posted by Davie Landscape View Post
What part of NC you from? Its been fairly decent this year even with the fact that every truck/minivan/car is pulling a trailer with a Lowes bought Z on it. Still beating the Craigslist 20 buck crowd by providing top quality service.

Id say if its part time try it, otherwise, I wouldn't drop a full time job to start now. Will still be hard to grab a share of the market starting late and missing out on the early spring contract grabfest. Good luck.

Davie Landscape...I'm in Charlotte. I know there is a lot of competition here but I still believe it could be a lucrative business venture. New developments are being built everyday and people continue to move down here just like i did 12 years ago. I want to go at it full time. I think I need to have all my energy invested in order to make it a real success. I believe I will love being the owner and being outdoors.
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