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25 Kaw - Tank - Ztwo questions

Hello old friends... long time no post from me.

I was hoping some of you could help my feeble old mind here...

If you have a 25hp Kawi or a Tank or a Ztwo... would you look at something for me?

Look at the voltage regulator and tell me how the wires go on it.
It took me so long to get the part I can't remember how it goes for sure.

I might even have already fried the new one... Something happened and the battery went out big time. So I tried to boost it off for the last cut last year but it would not run without the battery. So I assumed either the alternator was shot or the voltage regulator. Well I tested the stator and it checked out and I am thinking the regulator did not, but I bought a new one and hooked it up like I thought it went. But it still won't run without the battery.

I will of course be getting a new battery, but not until I know my system is charging properly. So do I have something wrong or a brand new bad part are these things wired in some way where they just don't run without a battery?

And last question... I let this thing sit all winter untouched which I never do. So of course I am having troubles getting it cranked up. I have to pour fuel in the carb to get it to crank, then it runs fine. No matter how long I run it, still have to put gas in that way every time to get it started. That has me kind of puzzled. Fuel pump thingy?

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