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Originally Posted by tacoma200 View Post
Well this is a bit off topic but I started out with spinning reels. You cast with your right hand and take up line with your left (back in my day the handles weren't interchangeable) so when I made the transition to bait casters it felt really uncomfortable to switch hands after the cast. So I use a left handed bait casting reel. I cast with my right and reel with my left. It seems very natural to me. You never switch hands and you are ready as soon as the lure hits the water. Since then I have noticed that some pros had taught themselves to use a left handed reel so they can set the hook with the strong hand and be ready for a quick strike.
I use spinning and bait casters, spinning left handed and bait casters right handed. I have tried and wish I could get use to the left handed bait casters. You are right about the quick hook set and ready to reel in right away. Also, you are getting alot more casts in per day if you are fishing all day. The more the lure is in the water the more we are apt to catch fish.

Catch a big one.
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