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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
Yeah working on them is another thing but let me tell you my aunt had one identical to your yellow one That I drove quite a few times and the difference between that and a seadoo is night and day, let alone the difference of a four stoke. 2 strokes you also have to worry about the oil etc.
2 big things I didn't like about that Kawasaki was the spray from the front (of course you are supposed to get wet on a jet ski yes) but it all comes up the front constantly and right into your eyes. Also the reverse lever the position of it and your throttle makes docking and loading etc very hard.
Don't know why they put the reverse level on the right (same as the throttle)? Maybe they thought it would be safer like that...who knows? I've havn't noticed too much on the spray in your face issue. Performance wise these kawas don't matchup hp wise to seadoos. Seadoos have mostly 3 different size engines on these older models (85hp, 110hp?, 130hp) Kawas have 2 (100hp & 120hp) I have yet to actually ride a comparable seadoo to see for myself. These kawa engines are 3 cylinders & modest compression & suck the gas. Seadoos are all 2 cylinder High compression engines that get somewhat better MPG. 2 cylinder vs. 3. Kawasakis thinking was lower compression = longer live. vs. High compression = fail quicker????
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