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Originally Posted by pugs View Post
The engine will never run without a battery. If there is no battery hooked up, the regulator will not put out any voltage. If there is no battery hooked up, you have nothing to power the anti backfire solenoid and the engine will run for a bit and die.

Look at the Regulator/Rectifier. There is one lead that is by itself. The other 2 are connected where they enter the body. Hook the stator up to the 1 lead by itself and one of the 2 connected leads. Hook the other connected lead up to wire going to the battery.

As for starting...make sure the choke is closing all the way. Possibly the gas is too stale to fire the machine up but not bad enough to keep it running once started?
Thanks... I will throw in a new battery then... and that is how I have the regulator hooked up... I thought maybe the new one was no good too... I didn't realize the system required a battery. I am running into more and more stuff wired this way and lack the understanding to be able to look at the wiring diagram and understand "why" it won't run without a battery, or better said how it is wired in such a way as to require a battery to complete the system.

On the fuel, everything was drained. It's strange how I can put gas into the carb and it will run and obviously start to pull fuel from the tank. But when it dies, apparently for some reason it is unable to start. Maybe I need to pour a bit of seafoam or something in there. Maybe the pilot is clogged... but it doesn't seem like it because it will idle and it will start at low throttle openings.

I will eyeball the choke operation... bet that has to be it.

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