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Originally Posted by PEVO View Post
Don't know why they put the reverse level on the right (same as the throttle)? Maybe they thought it would be safer like that...who knows? I've havn't noticed too much on the spray in your face issue. Performance wise these kawas don't matchup hp wise to seadoos. Seadoos have mostly 3 different size engines on these older models (85hp, 110hp?, 130hp) Kawas have 2 (100hp & 120hp) I have yet to actually ride a comparable seadoo to see for myself. These kawa engines are 3 cylinders & modest compression & suck the gas. Seadoos are all 2 cylinder High compression engines that get somewhat better MPG. 2 cylinder vs. 3. Kawasakis thinking was lower compression = longer live. vs. High compression = fail quicker????
ya I want to say safety thing but its stupid makes everything harder seadoos desgin is much better. gas mileage I am not sure I would almost say they are the same I know they all like gas though I mean these engines run at 6-7k rpm! Your logic on the fail quicker/lives longer seems logical but our first jet ski was a 2stroke seadoo which the engine blew up and and the OP said one of the kawasakis had a blown engine so it almost seems like those go quicker I am not to sure

Oh to the OP the biggest most important thing to watch when riding is NOT TO SUCK UP ROCKS!! dont get into to shallow of an area. My uncles has sucked up a few my cousin did some and my dad did one. if you do shut the machine off an get it out of the water and you need a hook of some sort to reach in and pull out jammed rocks. if you run it too long with a rock in it tears the tube up and they are pricey to have rebuilt

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