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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
Most folks think that heat rises, and while this is true, what happens in fact
is that cold displaces heat and not the other way around.

We have to understand in this Universe cold is the default, whenever there is absolutely nothing going on it is cold,
very cold, in fact so dang cold we can't even begin to measure these extreme forms of cold that stem from nothingness.

Cold always exists, the Universe started very cold and it will likely end very cold, it is a fact that in at least 99%
of the Universe it is right now very, very cold, or at the least too cold for life to exist and only in very small portions
of the Universe does heat exist in any quantity, an ever smaller part does heat exist where life can occur, and the
rest is occupied by heat too great to consider for conversational purposes.

Because cold is not just the absence of heat, but heat is not the absence of cold,
it takes energy to create heat and without heat you have cold, but without cold
you still have nothing and you can't get heat out of nothing hence the absence of
cold does not, can not exist.

Not that it helps, but I thought I'd explain it.
Damn Steven Hawking.

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