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So heres the deal. I called the pro today and he came by when I wasnt home. He called and said he thinks its grubs and to throw down dylox. I still dont think its grubs heres why. When I called and asked him to come by he said "You probably have grubs".
When he called to tell me that its grubs I asked if he found any and he said no. I got my spade shovel when I got home and checked 5 different places and no sign of any grubs. The problem doesnt appear wth the roots, these blades are disappearing fast. Just from yesterday to today I cant believe what is happening. It seems the first sign is the blades turning white to a straw like color. I do seem to have a pretty good case of thatch.
I showed the guys at Lesco some pics and they said if you havent seen any grubs why treat it for grubs?
I did find a few of these in they yard today.
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