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1. Replace it only when you fark up your present one(s), and hopefully you never will but I'd wait a few years because they're not cheap.
> Also in those years you will get better at not farkering up your tail lights, practice and experience that will help preserve the nice ones.
2. Then, get a set where you can buy replacement lenses!

Otherwise, WHEN you back up into something or "someone" steps on it and cracks a lens, you'll be stuck buying the entire set paying
the whole $50 to $80 dollars, whereas if you make sure you can replace just the lens, I think mine cost $10 for a pair (and they
interchange either side so one pair = two cracked lens replacements).

Yes sir, wasn't that I had made sure but it just so happened for mine you can order up just the lenses (so I got lucky).
Because I'm telling you, crack a lens...

The light bulbs last forever, it pays for itself there alone.

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