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In order to understand Nitrogen fertilizers a quick back ground on the Nitrogen Cycle is in order.

Green is the major components of Nitrogen and where they exist in the environment.
1. 70% of the air we breathe is Nitrogen
2. Nitrogen is the component of Amino Acids.
3. Amino Acids are the building blocks of DNA.
4. DNA is the building blocks of protein.
5. DNA and protein are the building blocks of all life Plant and Animal
6. 10 ppm of nitrate in water makes it un drinkable..

Blue is the way Nitrogen gets into the different components.
1. Reduction is the process of taking on electrons in chemical terms.
2. Redox Potential is the ability to receive those electrons

Red is the way Nitrogen leaves the major components.
1. Oxidation is the loss of electrons in chemical terms
2. In order for Oxidation Reduction to occur Oxygen must be present and this is called an Aerobic reaction.
3. A reaction with out the presents of Oxygen is called Anaerobic reaction.

Now I am not a PhD or even an Agronomist. Therefore a full understanding of the Nitrogen Cycle is not necessary. I offer it only as a start to discussing Nitrogen Fertilizer. A simple knowledge of the Nitrogen Cycle will help us understand how our fertilizer works. I have been asked by members of this form to start this thread. PLEASE I NEED HELP. The only way it will work is with input from many others. I have tried to make the Nitrogen Cycle as simple as I could and I have and will make mistakes. Please feel free to correct me or help.

If Nitrogen is successful then we will discuss Phosphorus and the Potassium etc.

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